I'm Ed Charbeneau, web enthusiast, speaker, writer, design admirer, and Developer Advocate for Progress.

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BlazeDown with Blazor 0.2

Blazor + Markdown = BlazeDown! This is an experiment built on top of an experiment to kick the tires of Blazor. This is a proof of concept using Blazor to create an online Markdown editor. This experiment is in no way intended to be a product, or example of best practices. It’s here because it it’s possible and that’s all....

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Full Stack Angular from .NET

I recently wrote for the Telerik Developer Network about creating full stack applications using ASP.NET Core and Angular. Hopefully this article will help .NET devs who are looking for an easy way into Angular 2+ with minimal time in the command prompt. As much as I like the CLI, I realize there are many developers like myself who perfer the...

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Path Name Too Long Windows

The file name you specified is not valid or too long. Solution Thanks to npm and the deeply nested node_modules directory, Windows users who are developing JavaScript applications will be faced with the dreaded The file name you specified is not valid or too long. error. Don’t worry though, there’s a really simple fix. Since npm and the node_modules directory...

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Into the Next Dimension

Are we headed into another dimension where data is the new frontier, landscape, or reality? These questions are addressed in a session by Ed Charbeneau of the Developer Relations Team at Progress. What this means for developers today is we need to pay attention to evolving platforms and the rapid rate at which they are expanding. In this session recording,...

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Knowing Your Package Manager

With three different package managers, an ASP.NET Core project might seem like a busy place, however each package manager fulfills a specialized need. Choosing between package managers means picking the right tool for the job. In the case of ASP.NET Core, that job can be Node-based JavaScript tooling, client-side development libraries, or server-side .NET application components. npm (Node Package Manager)...

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Software development is my passion, hobby, and career. I love talking to other developers who feel the same, that's why I started Eat Sleep Code. The only Offical Telerik Podcast.



Blazor StateHasChanged is your weekly dose of Blazor and Razor Components - community news and live code demos. Each we discuss news topics, view community projects and create something new. Past shows are syndicated on YouTube .

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