I'm Ed Charbeneau, web enthusiast, speaker, writer, design admirer, and Principal Developer Advocate for Progress.

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Blazor Shell Apps

On this episode of Blazor StateHasChanged we see how to deploy Blazor to both client and server using one shared code base. Using a shared code base provides extreme portability. With this model we could easily migrate from Blazor on the server to Blazor on the client with very little changes to any code. Blazor Internationalization(I18n) Text Blazor Internationalization is...

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Blazor EmbeddedLibs and Pre-Rendering with MVC

This week on Blazor StateHasChanged we reviewed community projects. The first project EmbedLibraries that enables applications to embed static resources at runtime without manually touching index.html. The next project was a community showcase for using Razor Components in MVC with full interactivity. Finally we looked at the latest examples from Telerik UI for Blazor 0.3.0. Blazor Embed Library BlazorEmbedLibrary is...

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Blazor Client Settings and Master Detail Grid

This week on Blazor StateHasChanged we have quite a few great articles to discuss. We take a look at an interesting example to integrate app settings on the client. We also see how we can “hack” in a Master-Detail view on the Telerik UI for Blazor Grid. App Settings in Blazor This week I demoed an article by Rémi Bourgarel...

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Blazor 0.8.0 Migration and CSS Builder

On this weeks Blazor StateHasChanged we migrate an existing 0.7.0 project to 0.8.0. This is a good learning experience to see what has changed in the underlying framework bits since the move to Razor Components on ASP.NET Core. There were quite a few name space changes in the framework including: Razor Components name space, base component class names, and even...

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Blazor Authentication and Authorization

This week on Blazor StateHasChanged we learned about Authentication and Authorization with Blazor. We looked at how to implement Twitter Auth with Blazor using the BlazingPizza workshop as a demo. We also discussed the difference between (Authentication and Authorization) vs. Identity. Auth Deep Dive If you’re looking for a deep dive explanation of how Authentication and Authorization work in ASP.NET,...

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Blazor StateHasChanged is your weekly dose of Blazor and Razor Components - community news and live code demos. Each we discuss news topics, view community projects and create something new. Past shows are syndicated on YouTube .

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Software development is my passion, hobby, and career. I love talking to other developers who feel the same, that's why I started Eat Sleep Code. The only Offical Telerik Podcast.

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