I'm Ed Charbeneau, web enthusiast, speaker, writer, design admirer, and Principal Developer Advocate for Progress.

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Setting Up Sass with Blazor

I’ve been using Sass (.scss) for web design for quite a few years now. I learned Sass from some of the best, working primarily with contributors who built the Foundation framework over at Zurb. While Foundation and Bootstrap have slowly declined in popularity, Sass holds strong and still offers features that exceed the basics of CSS. During my experience with...

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Blazor Layout Components

I recently wrote in an article titled “10 Blazor Features You Probably Didn’t Know” that Blazor can do anything HTML/CSS can do. One question that is often asked when approaching Blazor is regarding the use of some user interface framework, CSS library, or specific CSS feature. The answer is a resounding, YES. While Blazor uses Razor templates to create components,...

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Blazor Component Testing

Web developers are accustomed to the instant feedback the browser provides. Many frameworks even include built in mechanics for refreshing the application in real-time, or “hot reloading.” Hot reloading is often used to quickly prototype components or features for a given application. While hot reloading is certainly a tool that has its place in web development, it’s possible it is...

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Blazor Free E-book

At the 2017 Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) Summit I watched Steve Sanderson unveil his experimental framework to a room full of .NET developers. I watched the room fill with excitement and give rounds of standing applause. The excitement validated my own opinion that this was something .NET developers like myself have always wanted for the web. I wrote this...

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Blazor Workshop Code PaLOUsa Edition

Hello Code PaLOUsa workshop attendees. Thank you for purchasing tickets to my workshop “Build your first full-stack Blazor app”. We have a packed day learning about Blazor the exciting new framework from Microsoft that for the first time enables C# in the browser. IMPORTANT Prerequisites ** YOU MUST FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS TO PARTICIPATE ** I can’t stress enough that you...

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Blazor StateHasChanged is your weekly dose of Blazor and Razor Components - community news and live code demos. Each we discuss news topics, view community projects and create something new. Past shows are syndicated on YouTube .

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Software development is my passion, hobby, and career. I love talking to other developers who feel the same, that's why I started Eat Sleep Code. The only Offical Telerik Podcast.

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