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Blazor StateHasChanged() Dec. 14, 2018

Blazor SVG Helper Last week we talked about Blazor Paint a paint program written completely in Blazor. Turns out there’s some really cool tech under the hood of Blazor Paint that’s wrapped up in a nice set of SVG APIs. The Blazor SVG Helpers let developers define SVG objects in C#. You can create SVG elements and add children (circle,...

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Blazor StateHasChanged() Dec. 7, 2018

Blazor Paint Even at version 0.7.0 Blazor is able to do some really amazing things. The Blazor Paint app let’s you use the browser to draw in real time. The Blazor Paint app is quite amazing for a demo app. The app features: color select, undo, advanced selection, and delete. Try Blazor Paint live or see the source code. @stevensanderson...

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Blazor StateHasChanged() Nov. 30, 2018

The Merge This week the Blazor github repository merged into master on the AspNetCore repository. What does this mean? Obviously the source code has moved Any issues and other GitHub history will migrate to the AspNetCore repo New issues should be raised on the AspNetCore repo While this does not have any bearing on the experimental status of Blazor, it...

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Blazor StateHasChanged() Nov. 23, 2018

Announcing: Blazor Snippets for VS Code Scott Sauber wrote some Blazor Snippets for VS Code. There are over 20 snippets total right now. Check out Scott’s website for download links and docs. https://scottsauber.com/2018/11/02/announcing-blazor-snippets-for-vs-code/ Using Templated components and Cascading components together throws compile time errors: Issue #1711 In Blazor 0.7.0 a new feature called Cascading Parameters was added. It appears that...

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Blazor StateHasChanged() Nov. 16, 2018

On this episode we learned how to use the new Cascading Parameter feature in Blazor 0.7.0. We also continued NeuralNovember, a month long event of using machine learning with Blazor. Today we toured Azure ML Studio and connected to a custom ML model using Web API. The process of creating a custom model was discussed, including the process of cleaning,...

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