Blazor Fluent Validation

Blazor StateHasChanged() Jan. 4, 2019

On this episode of Blazor StateHasChanged() we explored validation using the FluentValidation package. Validation is still a concept in Blazor that has no subscribed best practice, however existing libraries like FluentValidation are possible solutions. On the show we test FluentValidation with both WebAssembly and Razor Components with success. We also looked at how to create a toast notification component by following along with Chris Sainty’s article.

Blazor Toast Notifications using only C#, HTML and CSS

Chris Sainty shows how to build toast notifications for your Blazor/Razor Components applications. In this detailed post Chris explains how to show 4 different toasts depending on the level of importance (information, success, warning and error), all without using a single line of JavaScript.

Read more on Chris’s Blog about Building Blazor Toast Notifications

Blazor/Razor Compiler updated

Ryan Nowak tweeted that a new Razor compiler was completed and merged. This change replaces the legacy Blazor compiler with the new, shiny, built-in support being developed over at aspnet/AspNetCore-Tooling.

Blazor Quick CMS

Robert Sundström created a CMS that uses Blazor and Markdown files for a “quick” content management experience. Check out his app and source code on GitHub.

Blazor Community Chat

Chat with other devs about the Blazor project.

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