Blazor State Management Basics

On this episode of Blazor StateHasChanged we learn about Blazor application state management. In this demo we build a simple todo list with several types of state management using: component state, cascading state, and application state.

Microsoft Build

Much of the content from Build was recorded and is available on demand. This includes a fantastic session by Daniel Roth

Dynamic Component Binding

This demo application shows how Blazor’s component model permits us to easily encapsulate code, UI and behaviours in reusable modules, and even load components dynamically in code.

A demo is hosted at


Get Some Sass Into Your Blazor App

Chris Sainty writes: We’re going to have a run through of what Sass is and why you might want to use it. And then we’re going to have a look at how we can get it integrated into a Blazor application.

A simple MVVM implementation in client side Blazor

This is article series by Louis Hendricks and the focus of this series is applying the Model-View-ViewModel pattern to client side Blazor.

Migrating Blazing Pizza (server side Blazor and client side Blazor)

In this article Michael Washington compares the structure and the differences between the client side version of the Blazor Blazing Pizza example and the server side version.

The primary difference is that the server side version of Blazor renders everything on the server. While this can provide for faster application start up (the user does not need to download all the code to their web browser), it has to manage a lot of traffic between the web browser and the server.

Need More Blazor?

If you’re looking to learn more about Blazor please check out the videos I produce each week at (YouTube).

Blazor Community Chat

Chat with other devs about the Blazor project.

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