Hacking SEO in Client-side Blazor

On this episode we walk through installing the Blazor Preview 4 release. We also take a look at how we might be able to handle Title and Meta tags with client-side Blazor. The demo is a bit of an experiment, but there’s a lot to be learned about how Blazor works internally while trying to extend the head element of the document.

Blazor now in official preview!

With this newest Blazor release we’re pleased to announce that Blazor is now in official preview! Blazor is no longer experimental and we are committing to ship it as a supported web UI framework including support for running client-side in the browser on WebAssembly.


Awesome Blazor

An amazing archive of Blazor resources.


Why Blazor Grid Templates Will Make You Question Everything

Using a template in an application implies that you’re creating a custom experience for your user by leveraging a component or framework you’re working with. Because the Telerik UI for Blazor components are native, built from the ground up using the Blazor framework, it can tap directly in to Blazor’s best features. Grid component templates can fully utilize the HTML, Razor, and components to completely customize the user experience.

In this article we’ll see an overview of what templates are available and simple use cases. We’ll use these as building blocks to see just how dynamic a Blazor grid can be when using templates for advanced ideas like custom editors and master-detail views.


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If you’re looking to learn more about Blazor please check out the videos I produce each week at BlazorVideos.com (YouTube).

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