Blazor StateHasChanged() Nov. 30, 2018

The Merge

This week the Blazor github repository merged into master on the AspNetCore repository. What does this mean?

  • Obviously the source code has moved
  • Any issues and other GitHub history will migrate to the AspNetCore repo
  • New issues should be raised on the AspNetCore repo
  • While this does not have any bearing on the experimental status of Blazor, it does feel like a larger investment. One could assume that this merge is a bigger commitment.
  • This is likely preparation for ASP.NET Core 3.0. Blazor’s server-side model will be released as “Razor Components” sometime in the future. How soon has yet to be established.

The Many Ways to Bind Data in Blazor

On the show a detailed example of data binding with Blazor was shown. This project by SQL-MisterMagoo walks through every binding scenario. It includes interactive pages that highlight when data is bound for a visual connection with how parent-child relationships work with binding in Blazor. The project also gives example of how to deal with a known issue where StateHasChanged isn’t called on the parent when bind-{property} is used.

Clone and contribute at:

TabSet Deep Dive

An Step-Wise or Wizard form UI is an example from the ASP.NET and Kendo UI frameworks I wrote a few years back. It has been quite a popular example receiving numerous page views and comments. The concept uses a progress bar, tab set, and buttons to create a step-by-step form. The same type of form would be useful in Blazor, but the current examples of a tab set are basic and lack the necessary APIs to interact with at run-time. On the show web started building additional features into the tab set necessary for run-time events and data binding.

The source code can be found on Github:

ML.NET Docs Update

Issues with the ML.NET documentation seen in the previous episode of StateHasChanged have been updated. All of the bugs discovered on the show have since been fixed!

NDC London

Podcast: Eat Sleep Code

Blazor Gitter

Chat with other devs about the Blazor project.

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