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Announcing: Blazor Snippets for VS Code

Scott Sauber wrote some Blazor Snippets for VS Code. There are over 20 snippets total right now. Check out Scott’s website for download links and docs.

Using Templated components and Cascading components together throws compile time errors: Issue #1711

In Blazor 0.7.0 a new feature called Cascading Parameters was added. It appears that this new feature causes errors when combined with components that use templates.

Rx.NET based MessageService demo for Blazor Framework

Bruno Santos, author of the Bionic framework, published an example of using Rx with Blazor.

This is a simple example app that demonstrates how one can use an Rx based MessageService to send and receive messages. You can use such architecture if you need publishers and subscribers to be decoupled and take advantage of Rx functional properties.

Using ML.NET with Blazor

On today’s show we successfully integrated ML.NET with Blazor Server Side (aka Razor Components). While ML.NET can’t be added directly to a Blazor project, it can be used as a service with a server side app. In this project a training model, ML Service, and Razor Components app are demoed.

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Podcast: Eat Sleep Code

Blazor Gitter

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