Full Stack Angular from .NET

I recently wrote for the Telerik Developer Network about creating full stack applications using ASP.NET Core and Angular. Hopefully this article will help .NET devs who are looking for an easy way into Angular 2+ with minimal time in the command prompt. As much as I like the CLI, I realize there are many developers like myself who perfer the comfort of Visual Studio.


Whether you underestimated Angular 2 or believed in its complete success, it’s time to learn what Angular 2 can do for you. Now that Angular 2 is out of beta, let’s take a serious look at how to develop a full stack application using ASP.NET Core and Angular 2.

In this article we’ll learn how to create the database, server-side and client-side bits of an application and we’ll do it all in a single .NET project.

You can read the full article Single Project Full-Stack Angular 2 at Developer.Telerik.com.

Ed Charbeneau

Ed Charbeneau

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