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Bionic Monitor

Bionic Monitor is a live reloader for Blazor applications and Bionic based projects.


Bionic is an Ionic Framework CLI clone for Blazor projects.

The goal is to provide an easy, modular, and repeatable way of creating, building, and deploying Blazor projects.


  • SCSS Style Isolation: Pages and components have their own SCSS file for quick and easy styling.
  • Hot Rebuild: Automatically rebuild modified source or SCSS code (hot reloading not available, yet).
  • Component Generation: Quickly generate Blazor pages, layouts, components, and services.
  • Modular Platform Architecture: Project deployment platforms are provided through plugins and isolated within each project.
  • Blast Scripting: Execute a group of commands under a single target name.


Blazor-Fluxor is a zero boilerplate Flux/Redux library for the new Microsoft aspdotnet Blazor project.

The aim of Fluxor is to create a single-state store approach to front-end development in Blazor without the headaches typically associated with other implementations, such as the overwhelming amount of boiler-plate code required just to add a very basic feature.

Blazor 0.6.0-preview

Template based components are coming in the next release of Blazor. Currently you can grab the Blazor 0.6.0 preview release and test out the new feature. If you experience any issues, use this opportunity to report back to the Blazor project so it can be addressed before the full release.

Currently there is no documentation for Templates. However there are notes in the pull requests here:

We also wrote a working template on the live show. The source code can be found on GitHub, EdCharbeneau/StateHasChanged2-Templates.

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