Blazor StateHasChanged() Nov. 2, 2018

Blazor StateHasChanged now with Emoji

On this episode we kicked off NeuralNovember, a month long event of using machine learning with Blazor. Today we learned how to capture files from an <input> and use the data to populate data:uri, send data using PostAsync and call Azure Cognitive Services.

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The project for this show can be found on GitHub.

To use the project run the following command from BlazorStateCognitive.Server path.

dotnet user-secrets set "AzureVision" "<YOUR API KEY FROM AZURE COGNITIVE SERVICES>"

To sign up for subscription keys, see Subscriptions.

Visual Studio Code Razor Support

The C# extension for Visual Studio Code released today (1.17.0) with preview support for Razor editing. Includes support for directive and C# completions. No support for tag helpers yet - that’s next. Blazor support comes afterwards. – Daniel Roth

Web USB Interop

Connect USB devices to your Blazor app with BlazorExtensions.WebUSB. A package wraps HTML5 WebUSB APIs by Gutemberg Ribeiro

DevReach less than 2 weeks away

Come hear about Blazor live and in person from Jon Galloway. DevReach, Sofia Bulgaria

NDC London

Podcast: Eat Sleep Code

Blazor Gitter

Chat with other devs about the Blazor project.

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